Welcome to the Brunei Korean Culture Club

This club was created in order to cater to the growing interest in Korean culture. In Brunei, more and more people are attracted to the movies, dramas and music from ‘The Land of the Morning Calm’

It is hoped that with this club, people can share their ideas of Korean culture. For any questions about aspects of Korean culture, we will try our best to answer them.

At the moment, there are 4 members:

1. Kim songsaengnim

2. Pau Lin

3. Aida

4. Hj Yunus 

Keep yourself updated with what’s happening with the club. Leave your email or mobile number and we will contact you about our activities.

Email : bruneikoreancc@gmail.com

Please write your comments on the blog page.

Kamsa hamnida  감사 함니다


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  1. Interesting.. and i wanted ask if the activities r gonna be a regular thing.

  2. I found out that it was very interesting and i hope that there will be more info in detail about the korean artist and i hope that you guys can find out more info about my fav.artist kimjeonghoon casting in princess hours. i really wish to know more about him and ireally do want to know whether he has a fanclub and also hin biodata.lastly kamsa hamnida!!!

  3. how to become a member

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